A new experiment by RetSam,

Handpainting illustrations + Photoshop  + Powerpoint + Screentoaster

Song Title: The Best Day
Singer: Taylor Swift

I'm five year..s-ol..d-it's getting col..d-I've go(t) my bi(g) coa..t-on
I hear your lau..gh-an(d) loo..k-u(p) smiling at-you, I run-an(d) run
Past the pum(p)kin pat..ch-an(d) the tractor rides, look now, the sky is gol(d)
I hug your leg..s-an(d) fal..l-aslee(p) on the way home

I don'(t) know why all the trees chan..ge-in the fall
Bu(t) I know you're no(t) scare(d) of-anything a(t) all
Don'(t) know if Snow White's hou..se-is near or far away
But-I know I ha(d) the bes(t) day with you today